Pontifications on Project Management, Scheduling, and Planning

I’ve debated for a while now (procrastinated is more likely) on what I wanted to do with this site. During that time it has sat dormant, collected dust, and gotten hacked before I decided to come back to it recently. After fixing the hacking issue (those hacker types…sheesh), I totally wiped the site and started over. That’s what brings me to today’s post.

portfolioAfter leaving the military almost seven years ago I’ve worked exclusively within the field of project management, project scheduling, and planning. During that time I’ve worked as a contractor, permanent employee, and whipping boy, on projects ranging in size from $200 thousand to $23 million and programs from $25 million to $1.5 billion. During that time I’ve seen a little bit of everything and have developed my own personal opinions on how project management, scheduling, and planning should be performed. This is where the pontification part comes in.

After careful debate with me, myself, and I, I’ll be using this blog to discuss topics related to the field of Project Management. The opinions will mostly be my own and may not be in agreement with the accepted norm or with the group of “we’ve always done it this way”. I always encourage healthy debate in the comments if you disagree with my opinion.


Author: Bryan

Bryan served in the military for 16 years then broke into the field of project scheduling. When not working he enjoys cycling, watching sports, and messing with the cats.

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